Promotional Battle

Always-on Twitter Strategy - becoming a brand
Encourage and reward incredible fan-art in Discord and Social
Launch Official Brand Billboard in NYC Times Square on Halloween!
Partner with 100 Thieves star @Tommey for ambassadorship
Increase ambassador presence in gaming, culture and music
Host community wide gaming events
Introduce multiple celebrity soldier (Special Froces) NFTs for store/airdrop
Establish bi-weekly voice townhalls with special guests

Utility Battle

Design & Build a 3D interactive ‘Mortal Kombat’ style game with soldiers
Introduce an ERC20 token - $AMMO
Build a first of it’s kind ecosystem around $AMMO including a Soldier Store
Create a passive staking system to earn $AMMO by owning soldiers
Incentivize de-listing by offering perks for various floor listings (currently .5)
Continue to add elements to the Soldier Store such as Vechicles, HQs, Celeb Soldiers and more
Concept, design and mint Soldiers 2.0 - Femme Fatale once OG collection surpasses mint price
Ensure stress-free and perfect Femme Fatale mint, reveal and rarity process
Seek and negotiate IP Licenses on behalf of SOTM universe
Concept and test production of SOTM Action Figures exclusively available for holders
Continue to grow community to add value IRL

On Opensea. You will need ethereum via CoinBase, Gemini,, etc and then you connect your wallet to OpenSea just as you would buy any NFT out there.

$AMMO is the official ‘token’ of Soldiers Of The Metaverse. It’s our ecosystem currency. You own $AMMO on this website by simply owning soldiers. It allows you to get cool things like special NFTs, celeb soldiers, mint passes and more. Check out our store!

SOTM has partnered with Rarity Tools and Rarity Sniper to offer you the most detailed breakdown of our traits and what soldiers are the most rare. Rarity Sniper is a discord only service but you can see all the details about our collection here on Rarity Tools website.

We are working with multiple game developers to produce a truly state of the art game in the NFT space. Most existing games are 8-bits and lack any element of modern design. Our game will be 3d and interactive - matching the quality of our art. The target alpha release date is mid-December although we will be releasing teasers in our Discord and on our Twitter.

Soldiers Of The Metaverse: Special Forces is a sister collection to our current one that holds all our special NFTs. These are available in the Soldier Store and will always be refreshed over time. They will consist of chracter vehicles, HQs, celeb soldiers and more. The collection on OpenSea will grow as more and more Special Forces come to life.

Femme Fatale is a much anticipated chapter 2 in the Soldiers Of The Metaverse collection. It will be an entirely new mint, with incredibly designed female oriented soldiers. A sharper look that will blow our expectations away and tie into the ecosystem. Existing soldier owners will get first access to this mint.

We are out of this world proud to introduce the mastermind behind our soldier creations.

Carlos Dattoli

Carlos is a professional illustrator & concept artist who works exclusively in the Pop Culture industry. He's done some amazing character work for Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Power Rangers, XM Studios, Hasbro, Acme Archives and more and is widely respected as one of the best at his craft.

Follow him here:   carlosdattoliart

Glad you asked. The best way to get involved is join our community on Discord and Twitter. We are incredibly active there and always drop news first on those channels. That’s after you pick up a soldier on OpenSea of course. Apart from that, help spread the word and grow the #MetaArmy with your friends and on social media!

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Meet The Commanding Officers

Carlos Dattoli

Chief Designer

General Mack

Lead Commander

Pvt Ryan

Security & Bot Leader

Lt Hetza

Partnerships & Community Support

Lt Dan

Community Squad Leader

Pvt Dundee

Community Squad Leader