After months of training, the army will begin its first major deployment, beginning with the mint process and shortly headed to the OpenSea.
The team is focusing on recruiting thousands of commanders who want to build and show off their legion of soldiers.
Along the way, the team will be donating 10% of the mint to various charities committed to helping secure global peace - follow along in our Discord or Twitter.
Soldiers will determine their worth and price floor in secondary exchanges like Open Sea. Remember, armies are expensive, but worth it. It is best you discuss listing prices with fellow fighters in the chat.


Unlike other NFTs, we don't include promotions in our roadmap. So giveaways and contests have their own sections. This army is too strong for that being confused as a "roadmap". Not here sir.
As the true first line of defense in the Metaverse, all soldier owners (commanders) will be able to be the early adopters of web3 products. That includes upcoming NFTs, tokens, games, merchandise and more. The team is working to secure these allies and airdrops.
Soldiers Of The Metaverse is likely to launch it's own ERC20 on the blockchain that feeds back into the ecosystem. All commanders will be airdropped tokens for free.
Army commanders will also be whitelisted for early access to the Soldiers 2.0 Mint consisting of the next layer - base infrastructure, heavy weapons, tools, props, evolved soldiers and more.
The team is considering how to use soldiers most effectively in a game between commanders and urges the community to come forward with ideas.
Select Soldiers Of The Metaverse will be made available in merchandise like clothing, other digital goods and collectible action figures. Exclusive first views will be enabled for commanders.
Protecting our current planet does not stop at the mint, as 10% of all royalties from trade volume will go to peace-inducing charities. Many of these causes can be selected by soldier owners

Each soldier is available to join your army for just .075 ETH and will be on the sole mission to make you stronger and richer. It's likely this price floor will be shattered on Opensea. You can learn more about the release in our Discord

There are 7,500 exclusive soldiers minted including the 100 reserved for giveaways and team members (all random generated by a Python Script). You can have as many as you want in your army but are capped to 20 soldiers per transaction during the mint process.

Like most NFT collections - there are many! It all depends on your luck of the draw and which properties/traits your soldier shows up to your wallet with. We have coded the script to produce several ‘ultra rare’ soldier editions featuring unique properties.

You can see the plans in Discord. Our army is the first line of defense in the Metaverse, period. IP is split between the soldier owners and 'Soldiers Of The Metaverse'. The reason for this is what to invest in merchandise, action figures and licensing deals and in order to do so, we need to have authority to negotiate with partners / share in the upside. Imagine your soldier on the big screen!

It’s near impossible to predict the price floor for any new NFT collection, however it’s anticipated to be quite high here since Soldiers Of The Metaverse is the first of its kind. Please visit 🚀・chat to discuss trading strategies and correct pricing for various soldier permutations. We’re hoping to break records with some of the rare editions.

The core artist has worked for Marvel, Star Wars, DC Comics and more, specifically around their character development. We are all beyond grateful to have him leading this project and he will be joining the discord after the mint! The rest of the team behind Soldiers Of The Metaverse is an experienced group of marketers, artists, blockchain engineers and more. It’s the best NFT army in the world and consists of over 20 people. A massive part of this project is giving back, and that’s why all the charity efforts are worked and will continue to be during the royalty phase. In the end, what good are Soldiers Of The Metaverse if they don’t help protect our current planet too.

We are out of this world proud to introduce the mastermind behind our soldier creations.

Carlos Dattoli

Carlos is a professional illustrator & concept artist who works exclusively in the Pop Culture industry. He's done some amazing character work for Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Power Rangers, XM Studios, Hasbro, Acme Archives and more and is widely respected as one of the best at his craft.

Follow him here:   carlosdattoliart