Welcome to the $AMMO Rewards Center

As a valued member of Soldiers Of The Metaverse, you are entitled to earn $AMMO everyday just by holding your soldiers. You are not staking them and sending them away, they still live in your wallet. $AMMO can be used for many things, constantly evolving in our Soldier Store, such as Special Edition NFTs, mint passes, Soldier backstory additions and game access (coming soon). Also, as a groundbreaking utility, $AMMO can be used to enter into real world prize lotteries, like other NFTs, digital goods, cash and more.

Claim Your $AMMO

Connect your wallet to view and claim any $AMMO your soldiers have earned. You can claim it once per 24 hours. There is no need to claim everyday, unless you want to as the only way you can lose $AMMO is by selling a soldier before claiming. We recommend letting it build up for a bit before transferring it to your wallet for gas reasons. Everything is automated, so all you have to do is connect to our web3 portal and see how much you’re eligible to claim. It's 100% safe.


$AMMO is generated based on how rare each of your soldiers are on Rarity Tools:

  • 1-50: 38 $AMMO
  • 51-250: 30 $AMMO
  • 251-750: 25 $AMMO
  • 751-1500: 21 $AMMO
  • 1501-2500: 18 $AMMO
  • 2501-3500: 15 $AMMO
  • 3501-5000: 13 $AMMO
  • 5001-6500: 11 $AMMO
  • 6501-7500: 10 $AMMO


Your $AMMO Balance

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